“Community of mutual aid “Oselya” is nongovernmental organization that was created to help homeless people and in 2003 united into unique Community where people in need live and work together and help others. Oselya aims to help people to find again the meaning in their lives, especially to poor, homeless, disabled, addicted etc. Another aim is to spread the idea of solidarity and mutual help in Ukraine.

Ten years ago Oselya united people who feel responsibility for injustice of modern world and realized their privilege status and also people who lost their will to life. Together they help each other, help theirselves and others in need.

Community is original and most important Oselya’s activity. It provides socially excluded people with shelter and also with safety, friendship, and meaning. Oselya is open to everybody, no matter of age, origin or the past.

Work is the most important principal and also value. It gives dignity to the person and means for the Community. It has to be work that fits the abilities of the person.

Solidarity means being supportive and helpful to others.

Since 2010 Oselya is a member of Emmaus International