On the 6th and 7th of December, 2007 at the premises of Frankivsk regional administration (85, Chuprynky Str.), Lviv City Non-Governmental Organization “Community of mutual aid “Oselya ” held an international conference on “The role of education in the social integration of socially vulnerable segments of the population (in particular, the homeless and long-term unemployed)”, in which the representatives of the social organizations that work with the homeless in Denmark, Poland, Russia and various cities in Ukraine took part.

The aim of the conference was the following one: to create preconditions for the opening of the social rehabilitation school in Lviv through the analysis of received information from the foreign and Ukrainian experience, to clearly realize the role of educational programs in the process of re-socialization and social integration and to work out possible ways of establishment the system of training and social rehabilitation for the homeless and the long-term unemployed.

Key presentations at the conference were:

Greeting the participants. Introductory remarks.OlesiaSanotska, the executive director of the Lviv City NGO “Community of mutual aid “Oselya”.

All people have the potential.Jens Bjorke, the principal of the Kofoeds School in Copenhagen.

Homelessness and re-integration. Olie Meldgaard, the advisor to the principal of the Kofoeds School in Copenhagen.

Ukrainian government policy on social protection of the homeless in Ukraine.Iryna Tarasiuk, chief specialist of the Office for homeless people and people released from prison, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

Solving problems connected with providing a comprehensive assistance to homeless citizens. Ivan Slobodian, the Chief Office for Labour and Social protection in Lviv Regional State Administration.

Psychological characteristics of socially excluded groups of people in the process of re-integration from the experience of Oselya. Svitlana Hrynchyshyn, the psychologist of Lviv Regional State Administration and Lviv City NGO “Community of mutual aid “Oselya”.

Using the experience of Danish G. Kofoeda School within the project “Territory of Development” designed by AHALAR Center. Yuriy Usovich, the Chief of AHALAR Center.

The prospect of implementation the system of education and re-integration of homeless citizens according to the Comprehensive Program of Lviv City Council, that concerns the overcoming of homelessness problem in Lviv.Natalka Fedorovych, the Chief of Department of Social Protection in Lviv City Council.

The program of long-term education: empowerment and equality in Europe – what challenges do we encounter? Barbara Drozdovich. School of Social Rehabilitation of Foundation of mutual aid “Barka” in Poznan.

How does the partnership multiply the capital and what can a small community do?Lidiia Vezierska, the Expert in School of Social Rehabilitation of Foundation of mutual aid “Barka” in Poznan.

Experience of the international movement “Emmaus” in working with socially excluded social groups. Zbigniev Dronzhkovski, the head of community “Emmaus – Lublin”.

Features of work with the homeless who are addicted. Svitlana Bieliaieva, the Psychologist of Western-Ukrainian Resource Center “Women’s perspectives”

Experience in social enterprise for former addicts of the Charitable Foundation “The Way Home”. Tetiana Yusypenko, Odessa Charitable Foundation “The Way Home”.

The homeless and art-therapy. The application of media-performances in order to change the negative attitude to the homeless citizens. Arkadiy Tiurin, the executive director of the company “New social decisions”.

Creativity as the way towards “Home” of human existence. Natalia Sanotska, the assistant of Department of Philosophy in the National University “Lviv Politechnic”.

Every man is the image of God. Oleg Zharovskyi, the Head of Council  of Lviv NGO “Community of mutual aid “Oselya”.

The conference ended up with the visit to Oselya and the opening of a photo exhibition “Not a faceless”.