Art ditch

The homeless together with the artists equip „Art ditch“

On the 16th of July, 2009 Oselya residents together with Lviv City NGO „Ideas Museum of ideas“, Dutch volunteers, the homeless, who come to eat every week to The Powder Tower and also passersby cleaned the downstreet near the walls of the city „Arsenal“, where in the near future „Art ditch“ arose.

It is expected, that „Art ditch“ will become the place of a permanent fairs „Lviv – the capital of trades“, where Lviv and Galician artists and craftsmen demonstrate and sell their works.

The cooperation between the artists and the homeless is not accidental. One of the most powerful in the past industrial organizations: art manufacturing plant, ceramic and sculpture factory, which have been home for several generations of artists today do not function.

After that day of active and troublesome work, an old Lviv pavement once again arose from the layer of grass and earth.