Community of mutual aid "Emaus-Oselya"

December 24, 2014

Fashion Show 2009

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July 30 at 19.00 in the garden Bernardengarden “Community of MutualAid “Oselya” together with „Museum of idead” had an unusual event – a fashion show.

The aim of this fashion show was to demonstrate how the old things people throw out can get a new life.

This event took place under the slogan „There are no useless things as well as useless people“. Four volunteers from the Netherlands, who had been living in the community for 3 weeks, were working on the clothes design.

The program consisted of two parts: “Colored People” and “Four Seasons”, a presentation of the sixth issue of “Prosto neba” magazine, a charity clothes sale and „Ms. Courage“ theater’s performance.

Models were amateur as well as designers and it was the first defile in their life.

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