Fashion Show 2011

Street Fashion “New Old Things”

On June 17, 2011 at 16:00 “Community of Mutual aid “Oselya” together with the “Ms. Courage ” theater and “Museum of ideas“, interregional volunteer organization”SVIT-Ukraine” staged a “streetfashion”campaign under the slogan” New old things”.

The aim of the event was not only to design a fashion show, but the community that appreciates even small things and shares them with others.

In the most countries of the world „Emaus“ communities („Oselya“ is a part of it) collect used things, people refused, to protect them from prodigality.

The main function of “Oselya” is also to collect different things if it is possible to make them fit for consumption, increase your efforts in serving the needy.

By this action, we tried to show thing sthat someone has already refused.They could be lost, yet we try to keep them so they can serve those for whom the status and price does not matter.

And it is not about the things and how they look like but how we feel wearing them and what do we feel.

If we learn how to appreciate what seemingly is unimportant, and share it with others, we will become self-sufficient community.

The action consisted of several parts that will recreate the fashion of previous decades.

The residents, staff, volunteers and friends of “Oselya” acted as models.

The event ended with a demonstration of used plates decorated with “Oselya” art studio.

The event took place due to Carpathian foundation and the International Fund “Renaissance” support.

List of organisers :

Olesya Sanotska, “Oselya”, Svetlana Chenkova, “Ms. Courage” theater Oles Dzyndra, “Museum of  ideas”.