Fashion show 2014

Patchwork Life style

In November 2013, “Oselya” established in Lviv, first in Ukraine containers for clothes. Lviv citizen can put there unnecessary clothes, shoes and books.

All these things from the container go to «Oselya», where the community residents sort and distribute them for various purposes.

Some things we pass to the support center of homeless people (Oseredok), where homeless and needy people come to wash themselves, eat, wash and get the necessary clothing.

The rest of the stuff gets in charity shops “Emmaus – Oselya” toVynnyky (53 a, Franko,str.) and toLviv (2, Hungarian, str.), where they are sold for charitable donation.

The collected money “Oselya” uses for social projects – paying utility bills in the Support Center of homeless people (Oseredok), buying detergents and functioning of the “Oselya” , the community, which includes more than twenty former homeless people who live together, work and help those people who live in the streets now.

This initiative is not only social but also environmental – things the owners no longer need do not go to landfill but they are carefully sorted by residents and volunteers of the community.

Even unusable stuff – torn or filthy clothes, destroyed books are being used again – we deliver for recycling and specialized companies made felt, polyester and various fillers of them.

Finally, we wanted to share the results of this project with Lvivcitizens and on July,6ththe event “Life in the style of patchwork” at the Ideas Museumwas held.

We purposely produced documentary, that showed the whole way of these things – from the moment they enter the container and to the moment they find a new owner.

After the presentation of the film a theatrical fashion show took place.

Unusual, exclusive and interesting clothes were chosen to be presented on the podium.”Mrs. Courage”Image-Theatre composed collections and theatrical performances, thatwere accented not only on clothing but reflected the life and career of the communityour participation in the life of the International Movement “Emmaus”, reciprocal visits to various communities, creative master – classes of clothes artistic painting  andfurniture decoupage and finally a global community fair “Emmaus” in Paris, where “Oselya’s” residents went before.

Residents, volunteers and friends of “Oselya” were dressed like real models showing Lviv citizens that unnecessary things get a new life.This variety of clothing united different people, which is whypatchworkhas becomea symbol of this event – bedspreads, we sew in our workshop from the remnants of furniture fabrics.

Together, these small pieces sewn together to form a solid blanket, and people who unite together for a good cause, create a solid and strong community.

These small pieces are sewn together to form a tough blanket, and people who are united together for a good cause, form a solid and strong community.