“Prosto Neba” Presentation

On May, 19, 2008 a presentation of a street magazine took place in Museum of ideas.

Lviv started a socio-cultural project – Street magazine “Prosto Neba”.

Such kind a project is the second in Ukraine, but it has been successfully implementing in the world for fifteen years.

International Network INSP unites street publications in 37 countries on six continents.

“Prosto Neba” is a publication, which aims to increase public awareness about the problem of homelessness and present the position of homeless people as active members of society, trying to make a living in an adequate for them way by selling the magazines.

This street edition covers not only social and cultural issues of the city, the problem of homelessness, but also promotes a variety of social programs, spreads the idea of solidarity and mutual aid in society.

The innovation of this publication lies in the fact that homeless people are involved in the Authorship – they prepare materials together with the editorial board.

And the founders and creators of the magazine are people who work with the homeless directly.

The famous Lviv journalists, writers, artists and public figures are involved to work on the magazine who support the idea by providing their materials for publication for free.

Not indifferent people, who want to contribute to the common cause, can join the creative team.

The idea of edition is very simple, but meaningful – a vendor buys a magazine for a half of price and sells it on the street and keeps the change.

The unique of the street publications is that a homeless person has the opportunity not only to get some service or charity, but to make a living and to take the first step from homelessness back into society. And the community has the ability to help the homeless by buying the magazine from them.

The founder of the ”Prosto neba” magazine is “Community of Mutual Aid “Oselya”, which has seven years of experience in reintegration of homeless people into society.

Street paper is our word against poverty and social injustice!