Polish-Ukrainian Collective meetings

Our organization is a part of the Poland – Ukraine Collective of Emmaus communities. In addition to Polish and Ukrainian communities, guests from other Emmaus communities arrive at meetings. Meetings of the Collective occur twice a year, either in Poland, or in Ukraine.  Ukraine hosted the Collective in 2009 for the first time.

Another meeting was in November 2011, participants from Emmaus communities from Poland, France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany – in general about 50 persons. Ukrainian NGO “Narodna Dopomoga – Chernivtsi” and Drohobych municipal and regional NGO “The Community of Mutual Aid “Nasha Khata” took part in the meeting. Both organizations are creating communities which will function on the grounds of International Emmaus Movement. The participants of the Collective also visited the community “Nasha Khata” near Drohobych and the social hostel, Uhorska str, 2.

In October 2014 Oselya hosted friends and partners from Emmaus communities from Poland, Romania, France, Holland, Finland, Great Britain in Vynnyky. The organization “The community of mutual aid “Nasha Khata” also took part n the meeting. The participants of the Collective discussed their next activity to help homeless people and to develop activity which is directed at the re-using of used things. Participants of the Collective visited the Charity shop “Emmaus – Oselya”, the Support social centre, the social hostel and the Workshop of good deeds “Emmaus – Oselya”.