Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition “Nebezlyki” was held on December 8-9, 2007 at the Museum of ideas. It was organized by “Oselya” and supported by Lviv City Council. Photographer – Alexandr Panov. Project manager – Andriy Linik. 

The purpose of the photo exhibition is to show the inner world of a homeless person, to depict a homeless person as a unique person with his/her own history, dreams and the inner world; to show that the homeless are the same people as we are, with the same needs, desires, feelings. Like everybody else, they need some help and tools to get out of the situation. The exhibition consisted of 33 photographs of the faces of the homeless people of Lviv (the size of the photograph is 100×70 cm). There is no situational context or clothing on the picture that would say that the person is homeless. The exhibition offers consideration of the very face of a person, his “landscape”, memory maps, experiences, emotions. The presentation of 33 photographs of a person’s face was accompanied by a soundtrack in which the people pictured on the photos answered the question: “What is happiness?”, “What do you dream about?”, “When were you happy?”.