Furniture workshop

One of Oselya’s activities is the upholstery and furniture repair workshop. The workshop is the center of occupational therapy, learning, and it also brings income for the community. Here, companions of the Community receive skills in repairing furniture, covering the soft parts of furniture, sewing. Involving socially excluded persons in restoration activity carries not only the possibility of acquiring training and work skills, but also has a psychotherapeutic effect: restoring old things, the person next to it rebuilds his or her own damaged psychological constructs.
Knowing about our activities, residents of the city of Lviv address us with orders for repair their furniture, and give us a donation for the work done. Many people can not afford to buy new furniture, so replacing upholstery and minor repairs is a good alternative for them. Some people simply give away their old furniture and other items that we repair and sell in our charity store. We also provide a range of related services, such as furniture delivery, consultation on the selection of fabrics. The companions of Oselya, who have acquired professional skills under the direction of an instructor, perform their work qualitatively, so the workshop’s services are in demand.
The idea of the workshop is the slogan “There are no unnecessary things, as well as unnecessary people”.