Furniture workshop

Each member of Community is busy with the work he or she can do. Most of them do not have professional skills, so it’s important to teach them something like renovation of old stuff, handicraft, sewing etc. That’s why we founded workshop where members of Community can study and work. The idea of the workshop is very urgent because people not only get some professional skills but also fight with psychological homelessness. Here they can change their lives, start to believe in their own strength and feel confident again.

Good instructor and team work unite people, make them feel not lonely. Every person after first interview with social worker chooses the type of work for himself and stars from the simplest things. The main attention is paid to the work disciplinary, timetable and communication during the work. With some experience the person goes on with more complicated work and responsibility. So it’s not only about professional skills but also life skills like self-esteem and beliefs in own strengths that the person will need later in his or her independent life.

The positive experience motivates people to positive changes, to active self-help, and integration into social life. The idea is that by renovating old stuff, the person rebuilt his or her own inner world.

In furniture renovation we have reached a lot of success and now this activity helps us a lot to earn the money for the community.