Street magazine

Street Magazine “Prosto neba” (“Under the open sky”) is a social-cultural publication that aims to help homeless people. The task of the magazine is to attract the public’s attention to the problem of homelessness and to present the position of the homeless as active members of the society, who earn their living by selling the magazine.

“Prosto neba” is a member of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) and adheres to its publishing and distribution principles: the magazine is sold by homeless people, and half of its value is their earnings. The magazine covers social and cultural issues, issues of homelessness, promotes a variety of social programs, and spreads the idea of solidarity and mutual help in society. It contains information about social institutions working in the city, tells about the foreign experience of solving social problems. The innovation of this edition is that homeless people are part of the editor’s team, they have the opportunity to publish their articles, poems. The editors often publish a survey of homeless people on various topics, so the magazine gives the floor to those groups of people who are not usually heard in society. The founders and creators of the magazine are people who work directly with homeless people. Famous journalists, writers, artists and public figures who support the idea are also involved in the work on the magazine, providing it with free materials for publication. Everybody who cares and wants to contribute may also join the team. The uniqueness of street paper is that the homeless person is given the opportunity to make a living and make the first step out of homelessness. At the same time, people have the opportunity to help the homeless people by buying a magazine from them.

The magazine implements Rostyslav Shpuk’s author’s project “No Signs of Artistic Life”. He portrays famous writers as homeless people. Taras Prokhasko, Yuriy Izdryk, Sofia Andrukhovych, Volodymyr Yeshkilyev, Yuryi Andrukhovych, Oleh Hnativ, Tanya Malyarchuk, Hrihoriy Semenchuk, Andriy Bondar, Irena Karpa, and Oleksandr Boychenko took part in the project. The magazine is published in Lviv since May 2008. Circulation is 3,000 copies. Editorial staff of the magazine: editor in chief Maryana Sokha, editors Maksym “Olga” Lishenko, Hrihoriy Semenchuk, Karolina Kozyura. Design and layout by Yuriy Izdryk.