With the help of Emmaus Oselya bought a house,  made some reconstructions, water system, furnished three bedrooms – so made it proper for living. The eight homeless started Community and workshop, computer courses, handcrafts and psychological rehabilitation. Such experience was innovative and that’s why supported by World Bank. Among Community members were homeless, addicted and disabled. People who had place to stay came only in the daytime to work and study in the workshop, and participate in Community life.

Community aims to teach people responsibility, patience, cooperation and ability to take care about themselves and others. Here they can teach basic things that we usually get from parents. Community life is very much similar to family. The most important thing is to treat these people with trust and respect. Many of them have bad experience that their initiatives and decisions never succeed but failed. That’s why is so important to give them new positive life experience.

Community house has recently enlarged and can welcome 25 people. Community members are people of different age. Some of them are disabled and other people can take care of them. Orphans who never had parents can now find them here. And older people can take good care of the youth, teach them something and not feel lonely. Common work, rest, meals and trainings unite people with the feeling of support and stability.

Everyday duties, working plans and conflict management is also important part of Community life. Every meeting is held by another member and that also gives good self-esteem. Every person can speak freely and his or her words are discussed and decisions made democratically. And even if they leave Community they keep the feeling and memories of family home.

In Oselya we also welcome families with children and lonely mothers. As long as there no agencies helping homeless families, the children risk to be taken to orphanages. To keep the families together we welcome them in Community. The children create really family atmosphere.

Individual counseling and group therapy are also very important as well as addiction therapy because most homeless are addicted on alcohol. In therapy groups they start to realize their addiction, understand consequences,  and learn to live sober life. The important stage is life analysis and the reasons that caused homelessness.

In the Community companions make first steps to responsibility and fights with fear and low self-esteem. Long-term members are involved into organizational work and different responsibilities. The terms of staying are not limited but social workers emphasize that it ought to be temporary. Here person has to solve problems, create social contacts, find job and go back to society.

When the companion feels confident he or she is motivated to find a job. Some time after that it is allowed to stay in community to find separate apartment and put off some money.